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Thank you for visiting my site.

My name is Troy Clark and I have been on Texas Death Row since March 2000 for a crime that I had nothing to do with. I really can’t go deep into my case, but I will tell you a brief version of what happened when Tory and I were arrested.

The police questioned me about the murder of Christina, who was a friend of ours and used to live with us until her and Tory got into an argument and Tory asked Christina to move out of our house. So Christina moved out, but would still come by to visit me when Tory was at work. This made Tory very jealous.

When the police asked me about Christina being missing I told them I didn’t know anything about it. Then they told me that Tory had confessed and they wanted me to testify against her. I told them “NO”, so they started threatening me, saying that they knew that I helped Tory and that if I didn’t co-operate they would charge me with Capital Murder and send me to Death Row. At this point I made the biggest mistake of my life and told them to kiss my ****. Now you can imagine they didn’t take this very well…The DA started turning red and pointed his finger at me…”Now you’re going to die”.

So you see, I’m on Death Row because I’m an idiot; for saying that to them, and for believing that you cannot be put in prison for something you haven’t done.

They went to Tory and made a deal with her. She changed her story with the help of some of the girls in jail with her….she made 4 different statements. One of the girls contacted me and told me what she was doing. I asked my court appointed lawyer to call those girls to testify at my trial, but he didn’t call any of the witnesses that I asked him to call. At the start of my trial he told me that since he was only appointed to my case a few weeks before he had not had time to read everything…I was in shock; I am about to start a trial for my LIFE and I have a lawyer that hasn’t a clue as to what is going on, and doesn’t even care. I had to wake him up twice during the trial…when he would question a witness he wouldn’t even get out of his chair, and when I would tell him something he should mention he would say it doesn’t matter, not to worry because there is no evidence against me. Again and again he told me not to worry. Then I was found guilty … “Should I worry now”? I was found guilty on Tory’s word, even after she had done confessed. If my lawyer would have showed the video of her statement during the trial I wouldn’t be here fighting for my life … How can he justify not showing that video? Her statement is posted on this site; Click here to read it for yourself and you will understand …

So now I sit here on Texas Death Row and have NEVER had a visit from my lawyer. I’ve been here for 10½ years and don’t even know what my lawyer looks like. I write him letters and get no response … I have been through 3 appeals with him and have never even spoken to him. How is it that the State of Texas can appoint such a lawyer and justify it?

So I am asking for your support to help save my life. Without your help I will surely be executed. The State says that I am a Monster and have done things I haven’t done, just as they said these guys were Monsters:


These are some of the Capital Cases where Texas sent these men to Death Row saying they were Monsters and deserved to be killed.

These are also men that spent many years fighting for their life and proved that Texas sent innocent men to Death Row… All of these men were able to walk free and beat the Texas killing machine. So these guys spent decades on Death Row because of LIES from witnesses and the police. The news reported them to be Killers and Monsters … their lives stolen from them because of corrupt officials, but they were given a second chance at life. That’s all I want too; I don’t want to die for what Tory did, or for telling the DA to kiss my cock. Yes, it was a stupid thing to say, but I shouldn’t die for being an idiot.

I hope you can find it in your heart to give me your support and a chance to live.

Have a wonderful day!!!

You can write to me at:

Troy Clark 999351
Polunsky Unit
3872 FM 350 South
Texas 77351

Or email via troyclark@hotmail.co.uk

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